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Key Risk Identifiers in your cyber recruitment

over 2 years ago by Chris Holt

Key Risk Identifiers in your cyber recruitment

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​Most organisations have not mapped and do not regularly review their key risk indicators in recruitment. Especially those in cyber recruitment which should be mapped separately.


Over the past six months, we have been speaking to Security leaders CISO’s / Heads of / Directors etc and have identified the top 10 most important key risk indicators within cyber recruitment.


1. Vacancy time to hire. Start to finish.

2. Candidate submissions/applications per vacancy.

3. CVs that progress to 1st interview.

4. Candidate source quality/consistency.

5. Quality of hire. Best in the market vs best available.

6. Number of Interviews to hire.

7. % offer acceptance rate.

8. Candidate satisfaction of recruitment process.

9. Candidate first-year retention rate.

10. Hiring manager satisfaction.


To mitigate our clients risk our Identifier, Talent solution was created to ensure each the very best of the passive talent is identified and attracted whilst ensuring the top 10 were minimised.

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