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Technology-Based Security Teams

To be able to secure an environment, you require a myriad of finely tuned and interlinked parts, which ultimately focus on technology. The various software and hardware stacks across the organisation need to be designed, integrated, maintained and monitored with security at its core.

As these technologies grow in sophistication and importance, the team of experts designing and supporting them become even more essential. Our dedicated Cyber Security team understands each component in your tech stack and knows the experienced professionals that you need at each level.

If you have ever used a UK based MSSP as a managed service, the chances are we have been involved in placing the teams that are supporting your business.

Roles Covered:

  • SIEM

  • Identity 

  • SOC


  • Network Security

  • Architecture

  • DevSecOps

Contact: Robert Anderton+44 7957 493501  /

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