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Currently out of my remote office... Not sure when and If I will be back.

almost 4 years ago by Chris Holt

Currently out of my remote office... Not sure when and If I will be back.


Remote working has been is welcomed by some, enforced onto others and nothing new to many.

The consequences for those that are having to adjust after 6 months of lock down, home working or being furloughed are certainly being felt. Good and bad.

The obvious benefits to remote working is the work life balance, saving of time and money. The negatives range from the very serious mental health / anxieties / isolations to skills fade, frustrations, boredom etc

From a security perspective;

Employers have been forced to rethink and quickly invest in their remote / general Cyber security capability. Some have done the best they can with the resources they have and probably need to revisit / review. Audits are never far away after all.
Others have just scaled their current capability in line with existing practice.

I’m sure some have just carried on as usual oblivious.

Some of the challenges to ponder over the coming 6 months into 2021;

  • How will your company build a remote company culture?
  • What are the future Mental health implications on the workforce and what is your doing to support your employees?
  • Does a remote workforce learn as well as one that can physically meet up?
  • What skills will my workforce need moving forward?
  • How does my approach to recruitment need to change from what it has been in the past?
  • If you are a sales business how do I need to adapt my sales strategy to cut through the noise?

If your business needs to adapt and you aren’t sure how then perhaps one of the many experts in our network can help. 

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