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Vodafone launches cybersecurity managed service

over 4 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Vodafone launches cybersecurity managed service

Cyber Security

Vodafone has launched a new cyber-security managed service called Vodafone Cyber Enhanced for critical infrastructure business such as utilities.

The new managed service will combine Vodafone’s expertise in cyber-security and defence-grade technology to protect the resources and digital estates of critical national infrastructure providers.

“Cybersecurity is vital for all businesses, regardless of what industry they are in.  However, it’s especially important for those businesses that provide a service on which we all depend,” said Anne Sheehan, director of Vodafone Business UK.

“Being a critical national infrastructure business ourselves, we understand the challenges our customers face; and can use our expertise in cyber security protection to assist them in both preparing for, detecting and managing potential cyber threats.”

Vodafone Cyber enhanced offers, protective monitoring that delivers continuous remote surveillance, analysis, alerting and reporting that enables threat detection and prevention.

There is also a managed firewall that features remote managing, monitoring as well as supporting new and existing firewalls to ensure optimal strength and resilience.

Additionally, it offers managed security services to ensure that each business gets the right type of support and for their business.

Due to the growth of digital transformation and the subsequent increase in number of devices that access networks.

 As a result, cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated, in the UK alone, the number of businesses reporting cyber incidences rose from 40% to 55% in 2019 alone. 

At the same time, the cybersecurity skills gap is also growing with around 710,000 business in the UK reporting that they are missing key skills such as threat intelligence and forensic analysis.

Earlier this month, Internet services company Rakuten and Vodafone invested in a $128m US mobile satellite venture that promises to deliver 4G from space.

AST & Science will operate under the brand SpaceMobile, with low-orbit satellites that the company says will connect directly to smartphones.

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