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Equinix Shuts Down Data Centres To The Public In France, Germany, Italy And Spain To Tackle COVID-19

about 4 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Equinix Shuts Down Data Centres To The Public In France, Germany, Italy And Spain To Tackle COVID-19

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Equinix has closed its data centres to the public in France, Germany, Italy and Spain as a protective measure amid COVID-19 outbreak.

In the company’s FAQ section, it was revealed that Equinix’s remaining IBX data centres, except those in Asia-Pacific, will be moving to an appointment-only protocol from March 25, until further notice.

For all IBXs in EMEA and the Americas, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain, Equinix is set to implement policies to maintain its facilities and further protect the health and safety of its customers and employees.

“Our on-site IBX staff will continue to serve all customers through the execution of tickets of Smart Hands, Trouble, Cross Connects, and Inbound/Outbound Shipments. However, we ask that customers try to limit their requests to critical work only,” said the company in a statement online.

“For business-critical requests that would normally entail a customer site visit, we will evaluate fee waivers for our Smart Hands service on a case-by-case basis.

“Our objective will be to complete all incoming orders, but standard delivery intervals will be suspended, and all customer-submitted tickets will be scheduled for completion on an individual case basis.”

Data Economy reached out to Equinix for comment regarding how COVID-19 will affect the business financially, to which the company is yet to respond.

IBX warehouse facilities globally will also be closed for customer access, including package pickup, but Equinix said that it will continue to accept shipments at all IBXs, and will waive fees to deliver the shipments to customer cages or transitional space within the facility.

The company added that cage delivery timing and access will be coordinated with the customer, and secure cabinet customers will be able to continue to receive shipments at the IBX.

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