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FTSE 250 James Fisher hit by cyber attack

over 4 years ago by Lucy Cinder

FTSE 250 James Fisher hit by cyber attack

Cyber Security

James Fisher and Sons PLC shares sank on Tuesday afternoon as the marine services provider revealed it had been hit by computer hackers. 

The FTSE 250 group said external “forensic” cybersecurity experts were still investigating the full scale of the “cybersecurity incident”, which involved a hack on its computer systems. 

After its immediate response of calling in external help, Fisher & Sons said it disconnected “all affected systems” from the internet as a precautionary measure, which “has restricted access to communication and financial systems”.

Judging that it has contained the incident, the company said it was working with the cybersecurity providers on “a safe recovery of systems, applications and data” from the disaster recovery back-up. 

“Work is ongoing to complete the recovery as quickly as possible and to minimise any impact on our businesses,” the company said. 

source proactiveinvestors

Industry: Cyber Security

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