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Crossword Cybersecurity announces NCC Group as new partner for Rizikon Assurance portal

over 4 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Crossword Cybersecurity announces NCC Group as new partner for Rizikon Assurance portal

Cyber Security

Crossword Cybersecurity Plc, the technology commercialisation company focused solely on cybersecurity and risk has last week announced that it will be collaborating with a global cybersecurity expert, NCC Group plc (“NCC Group”), on third party cybersecurity assurance.

NCC Group will offer customers the choice of using Crossword’s Rizikon portal as a basis for the questionnaire and risk reporting part of its third-party cybersecurity audit service. The online platform will make it easy for customers and their third-party suppliers to complete questions and submit evidence to help assess risk and highlight any potential vulnerabilities in the supply chain.

Additionally, NCC Group customers looking to use the portal to take control of all third-party risks will be able to buy it via NCC Group.

Tom Ilube, CEO of Crossword Cybersecurity PLC said, “We’re delighted that NCC Group, a leading cybersecurity specialist has agreed to partner with Crossword and supply Rizikon Assurance to its customers.  We’re very confident that NCC Group’s customers will benefit from the improved assurance and cyber-risk visibility that Rizikon Assurance provides.”

Adam Palser, CEO, NCC Group said: “Third-party suppliers can be an attractive way for cybercriminals to gain access to data and networks that would otherwise be beyond their reach. Our audit services are designed to help customers make the right decisions to ensure the ongoing security and availability of business-critical information.”

Rizikon Assurance by Crossword Cybersecurity is a SaaS-based third party assurance and risk management platform that allows users to take control of third-party risk.

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Industry: Cyber Security

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