Hackers Steal Accounts and Place Fake Food Delivery Orders on Deliveroo

over 1 year ago by Lucy Cinder

Hackers Steal Accounts and Place Fake Food Delivery Orders on Deliveroo

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London food delivery juggernaut Deliveroo is under pressure after an investigation found hackers placing fake orders and selling off account details to the dark web. Opportunist thieves are putting groups of accounts up online, priced at a fraction of the credit available, with even more opportunist thieves buying those accounts and ordering themselves food, booze, and even cigarettes, according to the Mail on Sunday. The hacking problem has been resurgent since February, with credential stuffing — testing passwords from separate data breaches on multiple account-holding websites — taking advantage of the fact that an awful lot of people use the same password for nearly everything.

A Deliveroo spokesperson told the paper:

“We regularly introduce measures to combat fraudsters and to protect customer accounts. Unfortunately, cybercriminals rely on people reusing the same passwords on multiple online services and use data breaches elsewhere to try to gain access to other accounts online.”

That’s cold comfort to anyone settling in for a burger and finding that they’re paying for someone’s big night in 20 miles away.

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