Orange and PCCW Global sign deal to launch PEACE Cable

almost 2 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Orange and PCCW Global sign deal to launch PEACE Cable


Orange and PCCW Global have signed an agreement to launch the much-anticipated PEACE cable, which will connect France with Pakistan, via a series of landing points in East Africa and the Middle East.

The 12,000km long PEACE cable will connect France with Pakistan using a single landing point in the French city of Marseille. It will follow the Europe-Asia route and will stop off in the Kenyan city of Mombasa. The cable will be ready for service by 2021, with plans afoot to extend the cable further south to South Africa in the future.

“Our collaboration with Orange is a critically important step towards bringing PEACE online and we trust the capabilities and vast experience of their teams in France to provide successful and timely delivery of the European leg of the project. Orange has vast experience in submarine cable infrastructure development. So we are confident that Orange will not only successfully provide the necessary cable infrastructure in France, but also benefit from being one of the first major users of the PEACE cable to connect important and growing traffic from Africa to Europe,” said Marc Halbfinger, chief executive officer, PCCW Global.

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