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LogMeIn looking for channel to support UCC suite

almost 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

LogMeIn looking for channel to support UCC suite

Unified Communications

Collaboration specialist LogMeIn has underlined the role the channel plays in supporting customers as it rolls out its suite of products to the UK.

The firm has made its unified comms and collaboration (UCC) product, GoToConnect, and video conferencing room solution, GoToRoom, available in the UK for the first time and is looking to resellers to get them in front of customers.

"The channel the problem solvers. They're the ones that are basically bringing the suite of solutions together to unify it," said Jim Somers, VP of unified communications and collaboration at LogMeIn.

The firm is hoping that the channel will be able to take the products and pitch it as part of a wider solution and help customers that are struggling to increase their adoption of UCC.

"The value that the channel partners can bring is what they call the 10,000 hours. I can now buy perspective and rely on the trust I get from these partners to help provide an installation on those decisions that as a customer I don't have the hours of expertise in. So I am going to rely on them to augment that for me and that's why we see partners becoming so critical in everything we do now," he said.

One of the plans is to take the experiences learnt in the US, with strong sales in the health and automotive vertical markets, and bring that to the UK channel.

"As we start to expand this, we will be going into more of the types of partners that are specific around particular industries, where we've had a lot of success: financial and financial services and retail," said Somers.

In the UK the firm is fully indirect, which contrasts with the US approach, but he said that it was committed to working with partners here.

"We are going fully in with channel partners and that's different from North America, where we have been most direct selling," he said.

source computerweekly

Industry: Unified Communications

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