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8×8 Delivers Complimentary One-Click Video Meetings

over 4 years ago by Lucy Cinder

8×8 Delivers Complimentary One-Click Video Meetings

Unified Communications

8×8, a leading SaaS provider of video, voice, chat and contact centre solutions, recently announced the arrival of its new 8×8 Video Meetings. This forward-thinking meetings solution is now available to all new customers, and is a complimentary add-on for existing 8×8 customers, as part of their subscriptions for Virtual Office.

The Video Meetings solution from 8×8 enables external participants to jump into meetings directly from their browser, without having to worry about software applications and plugins. A vital component of the flagship X Series from 8×8, the solution also integrates with 8×8 all-in-one applications to offer a highly competitive solution for today’s users, capable of providing video, chat, and voice in one platform.

8×8 will also be offering early access to the 8×8 Meeting Rooms experience going forward – a video conferencing solution that makes it easy to schedule, join, and host 8×8 meetings from huddle and conference rooms. Based on the open-source Jitsi video communication technology purchased from Atlassian, these solutions will deliver best-in-class video and meeting experiences.

Serving the Changing Workplace

The modern workplace is evolving at a rapid pace, with the rise of globally distributed teams and remote workers. As organisations embrace new flexible work styles, 8×8 Video Meetings aims to ensure that employees can remain as productive as possible – regardless of where they’re located. 8×8 Video Meetings offers access to presence status, corporate directories, calling and messaging features, for endless opportunities for better communication.

According to Roopam Jain, Industry director of communication and information technologies at Frost & Sullivan, modern video collaboration is a disrupting force in the mobile and remote working world. Research from Frost & Sullivan suggests that video has a huge impact on various facets of business operations, including the acceleration of decision making, and the improvement of productivity. Without video, businesses could risk being left behind.

8×8 Video Meetings will enable a one-click way to start or join meetings on any device, at any time, increasing employee productivity, while keeping management headaches to a minimum. Team members can easily set up their meetings from within their calendar, or other 8×8 Virtual Office apps. Additionally, there’s a simple click-to-join feature and YouTube live-streaming to make broadcasting meetings simpler.

Overcoming Clunky Meeting Experiences

Today’s team members are tired of clunky and inefficient meeting experiences that eat up crucial time in their days, according to Chief Product Officer of 8×8, Dejan Deklich. The process provided for today’s employees needs to be more intuitive and seamless. 8×8 Meeting Rooms and Video Meetings are designed to provide quick and easy collaboration from any device without the need to install any plugins or software. Whether it’s HD video, screen sharing, or amazing audio quality, 8×8 has it all.

8×8 Video Meetings extends the value of the collaboration and voice services that customers use in their day-to-day operations, allowing both existing and future users to achieve substantial cost savings. According to the Group Director for IT at Bionical Solutions, Damian Byrne, 8×8’s innovative Video Meetings solution is the closest thing to being there “in person.” Bionical Solutions is an 8×8 Video Meetings early adopter and a patient services provider for the healthcare industry, the company believes that 8×8 Video Meetings is a huge step forward for its unified communications strategy.

As well as a host of impressive business-grade features that users can access at the click of a button, the WebRTC-enabled platform from 8×8 has other benefits to offer too. For instance, there are built-in analytics capabilities to allow companies to monitor the usage patterns that drive company insights. Additionally, meeting activity can be viewed according to time range, with the ability to filter, search, and sort as needed. Administrators can also export information from meetings to enrich their AI and machine learning strategies too.

8×8 is now offering users early access to the Meeting Rooms experience, bringing easy video collaboration features to conference and huddle room spaces. The 8×8 Meeting Rooms offering will remove exhausting set-up experience with its smart pairing technology and intuitive interface to connect modern devices. Additionally, 8×8 Meeting Rooms will enable users to share any screen with ease, using wired and wireless operations, as well as calendar integrations via Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and Office 365. 8×8’s solution also integrates with all of the available 8×8 desktop and mobile apps.

source uctoday

Industry: Unified Communications

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