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Skybox Security Partners with Zscaler to Transform Legacy Business Access Policy to the Cloud

over 4 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Skybox Security Partners with Zscaler to Transform Legacy Business Access Policy to the Cloud

Cyber Security

Skybox Security, a global leader in cyber risk management, have this week announced a new partnership with Zscaler to transform business access and user policies from legacy networks to modern cloud architecture, ensuring secure and compliant environments throughout the enterprise.

“Security specialists are challenged with the complexities of implementing a cloud-first strategy for their hybrid environments,” said Skybox Security VP of Products Amrit Williams. “Skybox’s security policy management solutions cut through this complexity by enabling organizations to unify security management across hybrid networks. Skybox is excited to partner with Zscaler to help companies better model cloud-enabled business policies in the Skybox platform, providing customers with enhanced visibility and risk prioritization.”

“Organizations need a seamless way to deliver a consistent and compliant policy on or off the network,” said Punit Minocha, SVP of Business and Corporate Development. “Zscaler cloud platform’s fast and secure policy-based access connects the right user to the right service or application. Combined with the Skybox’s security policy management solution, we simplify management and allow customers to transition their access policies to a modern cloud architecture.”

The partnership will deliver a seamless connection between Zscaler’s Cloud Firewall and the Skybox Security Suite. Zscaler policy information is aggregated directly into Skybox® Firewall and Network Assurance modules and data is incorporated into Skybox’s visual model of hybrid network topology, security controls, assets and vulnerabilities.

Skybox then analyzes the firewalls to ensure they are enforcing desired security policies and proper network segmentation is in place. By analyzing network paths end to end — between and within networks, including cloud and virtual environments — Skybox can provide insight to how Zscaler Cloud Firewalls can provide necessary access while protecting critical assets. Skybox can also help ensure the firewall rules are created according to best practices, meet security policy requirements, don’t expose vulnerable assets, in addition, to identify existing, overly permissive rules.

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Industry: Cyber Security & Cloud Computing

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