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LogMeIn Releases Grasshopper Connect for Small Businesses

almost 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

LogMeIn Releases Grasshopper Connect for Small Businesses

Unified Communications

LogMeIn, Inc. has this week announced the release of a new Unified Communications (UC) product for small businesses called Grasshopper Connect. The new application brings together all forms of business communication into one simple, easy-to-use inbox, and enables small businesses to create a professional identity through a dedicated business phone number all on their existing mobile phone.

Grasshopper Connect builds upon the robust offering of LogMeIn’s standard Grasshopper service by coupling a virtual business phone system for small businesses with email into one complete business workflow. With Grasshopper Connect, customers get a dedicated business phone number connected to a streamlined application that pulls in all their business contacts and communications — whether texts, calls, voicemails or emails — to a single unified platform. The unified experience means users can focus on work without sifting through multiple communication channels and threads.

Grasshopper Connect also provides users with a streamlined timeline view of every conversation, whether it happened over a call, text or email with a single contact. This helps small business owners easily pick up where they left off and feel prepared for any conversation with their clients.

“Grasshopper has long provided small business owners with the flexibility to stay connected while working on how and where they like with a simple virtual phone solution that requires no additional technology or hardware. We are dedicated to solving our customers’ biggest challenges, and in today’s modern workforce, that means simplifying the noise and disruption so business owners can get work done,” said Mark Strassman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Unified Communications and Collaboration at LogMeIn. “Grasshopper Connect was created to save our customers’ valuable time by separating their work and personal life with a dedicated inbox of all business communications. The easy-to-use inbox keeps every incoming and outgoing communication — whether it be texts, voicemails, or emails— organized and easy to access and manage in a single view. This empowers business owners to be more responsive, efficient and successful.

Grasshopper Connect’s top features include:

  • Unified Messaging: Manage business calls, texts, voicemails and emails in one place
  • Business Contacts: Create business contacts to establish a clear boundary between the business and personal communication
  • Email Integration: Spend less time checking different applications and filtering through clutter and distractions
  • Timeline View: One view of all interactions with a business contact, no matter how they reached out — text, call or email
  • Mobile App: All of these features are available for iOS and Android to access all forms of communication while on the go

source logmeininc

Industry: Unified Communications

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