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Maintel Makes Multi-Million Investment into Cloud

almost 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Maintel Makes Multi-Million Investment into Cloud

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Maintel, one of the leading cloud and managed service companies on the market today, recently announced its investment into a brand-new hub for tech innovation. The multi-million-pound centre of excellence is intended to accelerate the development of Maintel’s digital workplace technology, as well as its connectivity and customer experience solutions.

Since its launch in 1991, Maintel has always been dedicated to delivering high-quality communication services and solutions to the private and public sector. The company has gained the expertise and experience it needs to drive incredible outcomes for its customers. The new Maintel Technology Centre will build on that legacy.

Introducing the Maintel Technology Centre

The Maintel Technology Centre will bring experts in software development, cloud and artificial intelligence together in Fareham, Hampshire. The company hopes that this new hub of creativity will help to drive new ideas and cement Maintel’s position as a leader in the communications space. Overall, the business is planning on investing around £4.5 million into the centre in the next 3 years.

Designing a hub of digital innovation for leading experts from a range of different backgrounds, Maintel’s Technology Hub will help the team to work towards new features and capabilities for existing tech in the portfolio. For instance, Maintel is already planning on investing in new developments for its contact centre platforms, unified communication strategies, and wide and local area networks.

The new Technology Centre will also be an environment that supports the continued growth of the bespoke managed services and cloud offering from Maintel, ICON. This solution gives businesses the custom strategies they need to be as efficient and effective in the office as possible.

Investing in Future Success

According to the Chief Technology and Strategy Officer for Maintel, Rufus Grig, the company is building on a pre-established reputation and presence in the multi-channel customer experience environment. The new hub will give Maintel the resources it needs to take that to the next level, preparing them for the era of digital-first transformation.

Maintel wants to use their new technology centre as an environment where individuals can innovate to take customer communications into a new era. According to Rufus Grig, the company knows that today’s customers are looking for new ways to deploy from the cloud, and the latest investment will help Maintel to support this. Additionally, the large team at the centre will help to accelerate the evolution of the existing Maintel product set.

Source: uctoday

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