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Verint Announces AI Blueprint Analysis

almost 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Verint Announces AI Blueprint Analysis

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Verint Systems, a company devoted to customer engagement solutions, recently announced the launch of their pioneering AI Blueprint system. The patent-protected conversation analytics system identifies intelligent virtual assistant solutions and accelerates automation for modern companies. AI Blueprint gives companies access to conversational data and provides useful insights to help organisations achieve their goals.

As today’s businesses demand better insights into their tools and resources, AI Blueprint gives organisations the information they need to implement intelligent assistants successfully and gather valuable business data. The conversation analysis system comes with a range of resources to improve a company’s time to value.

How Does AI Blueprint Work?

According to HFS Research, by next year (2020), more than half of all enterprises will face AI fatigue. Unfortunately, while intelligent solutions can deliver incredible opportunities for companies, it’s often difficult to determine what kind of services your group needs. Many businesses investing in AI systems don’t know which solutions they need to serve underlying business needs.

To truly achieve their goals, modern companies need to understand how they should be leveraging AI to support their targets. According to the SVP of Product Strategy for Verint, Tracy Malingo, the chief aim of Verint is to enable organisations to automate areas of their businesses that provide the best potential for ROI. AI Blueprint helps companies to understand where they need to get started with intelligence.

AI Blueprint leverages machine learning for the classification, labeling, and analysis of conversational data, both structured and unstructured in a business. What’s more, it also offers insights into whether a company could benefit from the deployment of AI services.

Defining a Company’s Need for AI

If the Verint AI Blueprint system can identify that a company would gain value from AI systems, it delivers a customised series of comprehensive recommendations. The service analyses the business and determines which use cases will lead to the highest amount of business value. Verint’s AI Blueprint also introduces a range of measurable key performance indicators that adapt to the goals of the business and generates strategies for implementing AI-powered initiatives.

Already, Verint customers are seeing incredible results from the two-factor analysis approach provided by AI Blueprint. For instance, case studies suggest a 44% cost reduction in the first year according to some companies. There’s also the opportunity to save up to $1 million in customer service email costs.

Verint believes that IVAs are crucial to the future of customer service. However, it’s not always easy for companies to determine where they should get started. AI Blueprint ensures that every business gets the roadmap they need.

Source: uctoday

Industry: Unified communication news

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