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Collaboration Squared announces launch of always-on video conferencing portal

about 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Collaboration Squared announces launch of always-on video conferencing portal

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Collaboration Squared has unveiled Video Window, a video conferencing portal for teams.

Video Window software allows devices to be permanently connected to assigned groups for administrator-specified dates and times, automatically reconnecting devices in the event of lost internet connection or an error.

Video Window does not feature scheduling, URL’s, app downloads or user logins, instead using a single button to join audio.

Video Window also features opt-in audio, disabling audio at each location for both microphone and speaker by default, as well as a sleep mode to save power and bandwidth which can activate an ‘overnight’ sleep mode, automatically turning Video Window on and off at scheduled times.

A privacy timer can also be set that turns off video/audio in all directions for a set time, automatically reconnecting after the time has expired.

A ‘knock’ feature is also included, making a tapping noise to other users to get the user’s attention.

Third party devices can also initiate a semi-transparent digital whiteboard and collaborate on the canvas with other active devices.

A SIP video dialer is also included, allowing users to leave window mode and make external calls to a variety of meeting services, including Cisco Webex, Zoom, BlueJeans, Pexip, Cisco Meeting Server and Ubiety.

Depending on the used gateway, Video Window can also connect to Skype for business, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts/Google Meet. 

Source: inavateonthenet

Industry: Unified communication news

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