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Hugo Integration with BlueJeans

about 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Hugo Integration with BlueJeans

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Hugo, the provider of an Actionable Meeting Notes platform intended to enhance team collaboration and conferencing, recently announced their integration with the BlueJeans network. Hugo strives to make meeting information more accessible and notes shareable across organisations. BlueJeans, on the other hand, is a well-known meetings platform that uses the cloud to connect room systems, mobile devices, and desktops in a single environment.

The combination of BlueJeans and Hugo will provide a “digital cockpit” solution according to the companies, that allows teams to act on real-time insights from video conferencing meetings. The partnership will target mid-market, SMB, and Fortune 500 companies with a global and remote workforce.

The Hugo and BlueJeans Partnership

Hugo’s purpose-built solution for meeting notes detects whether meetings are being held in BlueJeans environments. When it detects the conference, it allows users to launch their meeting from the Hugo platform, along with a collaborative agenda, and any previous notes made about the individuals involved. The partnership between Huge and BlueJeans is set to transform the conferencing experience by connecting meetings held via BlueJeans to the note-taking and meeting planning phases that happen within Hugo.

According to the CEO of Hugo, Josh Lowy, the partnership of BlueJeans and Hugo is an excellent step forward, as the two companies share similar views on the value of workplace dynamics. Today, meetings play an essential role in generating insights and keeping teams moving in the right direction. The integration between Hugo and BlueJeans will change the future of meetings, transform the way business is conducted, and create a seamless experience for shared customers.

Defining the Future of Meetings

BlueJeans stands apart in the communication environment as the first cloud service capable of combining mobile devices, desktops, and room systems in a single video meeting experience. Through integration with Hugo, the value of the meetings offered by BlueJeans can extend beyond the actual conference.

Hugo can enable better collaboration and boost team alignment by sharing, saving and translating insights into action across a multitude of team apps. The Director of Business Development and Partnerships for BlueJeans, Steve Weinstock, noted that Hugo and BlueJeans have the power to define the future of the meeting environment. With a focus on cross-functional knowledge and customer experience, the two companies will be able to deliver better productivity and performance. Cloud service conferencing aligned with real-time note-taking will provide a bridge to break down the silos in teams and extract higher value from meetings.

Hugo also offers a host of additional integration aside from BlueJeans, including more than 20 popular apps like HubSpot, Asana, Slack, Jira, Trello, Zendesk, and more.

Source: uc today

Industry: Unified Communication news

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