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Workplace by Facebook Tops 2 Million Paid Users – Here’s How

over 5 years ago by Hannah Lawrence

Workplace by Facebook Tops 2 Million Paid Users – Here’s How

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When Workplace by Facebook appeared on the collaboration tool market in 2016, nobody knew what to expect. We were gradually moving from a time when businesses used to outlaw social media in the office, to an era where a social media solution could transform productivity.

As channels like Microsoft Teams and Slack continue to battle for collaboration domination, Workplace by Facebook has been working quietly in the background. Through a devoted strategy that delivers advanced features to users on a platform that they feel comfortable and familiar with, Workplace has achieved phenomenal results. Last night, Workplace announced that it has now got more than 2 million paid users on the platform.

The latest numbers don’t include the scores of customers access the Workplace free tier, or the NGO and Educational customers using the “Workplace for Good” system.

Incredible Success for Workplace

Workplace by Facebook has a very valuable proposition behind it. Not only does it deliver the collaborative tools that your teams need to get more done, but it does it in such a way that makes adoption easy. In the past 12 months, Workplace has successfully earned the business of numerous leading brands, including the National Australian Bank, Delta Airlines, GSK, Vodafone, Telefonica, and Nestle.

Not only has Workplace by Facebook crushed the 2 million users mark, but the company also revealed that it has more than 150 companies in their portfolio with more than 10,000 users on the platform. Altogether, the company has achieved an incredible level of adoption, despite only 2 years in the market. Workplace just began to officially charge customers for its collaboration services in October 2017.

What’s Driving Workplace Success?

In a press release, the Workplace by Facebook team suggested that they believe the rapid growth of the company comes down to the exceptional value that Workplace offers. With a simple and accessible solution for collaboration, team members have endless opportunities to succeed. Workplace by Facebook provides an avenue for your people to make better decisions and take decisive action through an enhanced social channel.

Big things are happening for the Workplace by Facebook, with sensational growth over the last few years. Today, the organisation has customers spanning almost every industry, including Spotify, Starbucks, Walmart, and more. We can’t wait to see what Facebook does next.

Source: uctoday

Industry: Unified communication news

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