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More than 50% of Millennials Want Mobile for Admin

about 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

More than 50% of Millennials Want Mobile for Admin

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The corporate world is still in the early stages of exploring the benefits of mobile. 91% of customers still prefer to use their laptop or desktop to manage administrative tasks. However, the younger generation has the potential to transform the marketplace. Research conducted by a global provider of content IQ systems, ABBYY, revealed new insights into mobility.

Through a survey of 1,246 employees in the UK, ABBYY found that 35% of customers are using mobiles for administrative tasks, though 46% say they’d like to use their mobile for that purpose. In particular, the Millennial generation is most keen to use their mobile more at work. 55% of millennials said that they wanted to use mobiles for admin, even though only 43% currently do. Additionally, older generations also say that they’re open to using mobile for admin purposes, with 35% of Gen X presently doing so, and 41% saying they want to.

Is Complex Tech Holding Us Back?

Though the interest in mobile solutions is growing, ABBYY’s study finds that some staff members consider the latest tech to be too complicated. Some still prefer to use paper and pens for an admin task. The stats found that 46% of people find non-digital strategies simpler than software. However, the desktop is still the most valuable channel in the UK. Regardless of the increasing demand for remote working, 48% of respondents use a laptop or desktop. They say that sticking to the desktop is either faster or easier than moving to mobile.

The recent study suggests that while we’re moving gradually towards a more digitally-enhanced era, our technology isn’t yet able to reach its full potential. Despite this, 37% of people think mobile is faster than desktop apps, and 36% see it as more convenient. Additionally, automation of admin tasks is lagging too. Previous ABBYY studies suggest that 39% of workers spend between 1 and 2 days a week managing their databases. However, 63% of workers want to delegate more of their tasks to AI and bots.

Without bot support, 15% of employees say that they would avoid doing the tasks they don’t like completely.

Embracing the Digital Workplace

Currently, there’s still a considerable amount of time wasted on tasks that could be simplified or automated through mobile tech. As younger, more digitally-savvy employees enter the workforce, it may be a good time for business leaders to listen to the needs of their teams.

The SVP of ABBYY, Bruce Orcutt, said that he finds it surprising how few companies are using automation and mobile systems, particularly when the option is so readily available. Software developers and businesses may need to do more work in ensuring that mobile interfaces are as user-friendly and simple as possible.

As we head progressively towards the workplace of the future, convenience and simplicity will be crucial elements for any new technology. Companies that can offer mobile platforms specifically focused on user experience will be sure to get ahead in the current climate. The more accessible mobile solutions are, the easier it will be for every generation to get involved with more convenient tech.

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