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9/10 People Struggle with Video Calls

about 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

9/10 People Struggle with Video Calls

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According to a recent report by StarLeaf, 90% of respondents say that they face challenges when connecting to video conferencing calls. The research examined responses from over 500 IT decision-makers and business leaders across the US, UK, Germany, and France.

According to the data, 64% of enterprises have begun to see an increase in video conferencing software being used int heir organisation. Although more people have turned to video in the last year, issues with compatibility, reliability, and ease of use are still holding some teams back. Sharing content with other people has also been named as a significant challenge. Only 8% of respondents said they didn’t have any issues sharing information.

Problems Pressing “Play” on Video Conferencing

As a leader in video conferencing solutions and app-based messaging, StarLeaf is particularly well-positioned to comment on the changing marketplace. The Chief Technology Officer for the company, William MacDonald, gave his thoughts on the findings when the report was released. MacDonald said that the results highlight some of the significant challenges that businesses are facing when it comes to unlocking the potential of collaboration and video conferencing solutions.

Additionally, StarLeaf’s studies align with other research in the market. A report released by the Workforce Institute found that around 52% of UK employees have an easier time using their consumer tech than their workplace technology. This suggests that enterprise video conferencing solutions aren’t giving people the experience that they’re looking for.

Transforming the Video Landscape

According to MacDonald, the implementation of new technology like video conferencing should be something that empowers and delights the workforce. These new tools are designed to help people perform their roles more efficiently. However, people often struggle when they find simply joining a videocall to be a significant challenge. Employees want to be able to jump into conferences instantly- regardless of whether they’re in a meeting room or connecting remotely.

However, the unfortunate truth is that most people entering meetings today are being hindered by the challenges that inappropriate IT presents. Employees aren’t able to focus on the agenda of the conference, because they’re too busy trying to make their video systems work. StarLeaf believes that the changing workforce has led to a difference in the way that employees perform daily. As more people begin to work remotely, the traditional modes of collaboration simply aren’t substantial enough. Businesses need secure and intuitive video conferencing strategies to continue bringing their teams together in a dispersed environment.

Going forward, more vendors will need to concentrate on providing a video experience that’s not just immersive, but easy to use too.

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