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Facebook Could Be Looking To Build A Unified Business Messaging Tool

about 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Facebook Could Be Looking To Build A Unified Business Messaging Tool

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Facebook owns multiple services and products that businesses use to reach their customers. There’s Facebook itself, then there’s Instagram, and to a certain extent there’s also WhatsApp which is used primarily for communication. Each of these platforms allow users to interact with customers, but the problem is that they’re separate from each other.

This can be a bit troublesome as customers are trying to reach business from a variety of channels, but now a report from Axios claims that Facebook might be looking to unify its business messaging tools. This seems to be in line with an earlier report which suggested that Facebook could be looking to unify the underlying structure of its messaging apps.

According to Axios, this will be similar except that it will be catered towards businesses. They have been told that for end-users this will not be different, where they can still reach businesses through their preferred method of communications. However businesses on the other hand will see a unified messaging service which would receive all these questions from customers, thus making it easier for them to answer to all queries.

For example a business that isn’t particularly active on Instagram might check it less frequently than Facebook, and thus could miss some messages in the process. There is no word on when this tool will be rolled out, but it should be a welcome improvement to those who handle communications on social media.

Source: ubergizmo

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