China Unicom sets up branch office in France

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China Unicom sets up branch office in France


China Unicom officially opened its branch in Paris, France. Liang Baojun, vice president of China Unicom, has said that the telecom company is committed to provide convenient, fast and reliable global information and communication services for its customers. The French subdivision is the 32th branch established by China Unicom overseas. It is another practical measure by China Unicom to actively implement the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and expand its business in the European market.

The branch in Paris will cooperate with French local operators and rely on China Unicom's rich network resources and professional service capabilities, to provide timely and personal exclusive services for French enterprises and French enterprises closely linked with China and the Asia-Pacific countries.

The company has also launched an upgraded version of the terminal security protection scheme and a low-latency financial private network solution for French and European financial customers. This will reduce the information transmission delay from Paris to Hong Kong to nearly 160 milliseconds, ranking the leading level in the industry. China Unicom also works with several mainstream cloud service providers to provide one-stop service solutions for customers in the transportation logistics industry.

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