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BlueJeans Accelerates Growth with New Channel Partnerships

over 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

BlueJeans Accelerates Growth with New Channel Partnerships

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The modern workforce is changing at a rapid race, pushing companies of all sizes to embrace new approaches for collaboration and communication. BlueJeans is one of the innovative communications vendors supporting these flexible and immersive interactions, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, and a host of new partnerships.

BlueJeans recently announced an expanded channel program for partners that include the BlueJeans experience in their UC services. The program provides a selection of advanced incentives and benefits to partners investing in the certifications and skills necessary for successful consumer experiences. Since the launch of the new program, channel partners have seen phenomenal growth in their pipeline deals across education, finance, and large enterprise customers.

BlueJeans and Dolby Transform the Huddle Room

One of the recent partnerships to emerge as part of the expanded channel partner program is with Dolby Voice – a leader in audio experiences. BlueJeans recently announced the availability of the BlueJeans Rooms huddle experience with Dolby voice. The strategic partnership is set to provide companies with world-class integrated audio, hardware, and video solutions for communication and collaboration.

BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Voice is creating some of the smartest meeting room experiences around, in the smallest spaces. This is an important step forward in an age where agile meeting rooms are growing increasingly popular. According to reports from Frost & Sullivan, huddle room meetings will soon grow at an exponential rate to represent more than 70% of all video conferencing meeting rooms by the end of 2022. Dolby Voice and BlueJeans Rooms have what it takes to accelerate and support this growth, creating immersive experiences that feel as though distributed workers are in the same room.

The intelligent features of Dolby Voice Room technology provide companies with the intelligence to seamlessly adjust their solutions in real-time to suit changing speakers and lighting conditions based on meeting room requirements. Ultimately, within minutes, you’ll be able to turn any conference or huddle room into an intelligent meeting environment with crystal-clear audio and video, and a complete set of exceptional meeting controls.

New Features of the Dolby and BlueJeans Partnership

The expanding needs of the modern workforce mean that today’s companies need purpose-built spaces of all shapes and sizes to support collaboration that promotes idea sharing and creation. BlueJeans’ history in the cloud environment combined with Dolby’s heritage of exceptional audio experiences creates something entirely new for the modern workplace. The Dolby Voice Room converged experience works perfectly with the BlueJeans room management controls according to VP of the Communications Business Group for Dolby, Andrew Border.

The Dolby Voice Room solution comes equipped with the Dolby conference phone, an attractive audio centerpiece that accommodates diverse meeting room environments. The conference phone can adapt to changing speaking volumes and room acoustics in real time, with an immersive user interface and additional features like Dynamic Leveling and Voice Placement.

Additional enhancements brought to BlueJeans Rooms through Dolby Voice include:

  • Calendar integrations, including room schedule display and the option to join a conversation with a single touch. Complexity in the meeting room no longer needs to be a concern
  • Whiteboard view: Offers high-level visibility and clarity to remote participants, even when whiteboards are adjacent to the camera
  • Command and Control: Supported by the Dolby Voice Hub, employees can access complete control over their Room deployment, and IT teams also obtain automated updates on software and security information. Remote access controls are available, alongside integrations with the BlueJeans command centre

BlueJeans and Ingram Expand the BlueJeans Customer Base

Another recent partnership in the BlueJeans network comes from a new connection to Ingram Micro Inc – a distribution company working throughout Asia Pacific and EMEA. The updated deal comes after a year of Ingram Micro Inc working successfully with BlueJeans, and it will allow the brand to create a comprehensive network of reliable channel partners for next-level meeting solutions.

Thanks to the extended agreement, Ingram Micro channel partners in the US and Asia will now both have access to BlueJeans Meetings, BlueJeans Rooms, and BlueJeans Events solutions. According to the Executive Director of Ingram Micro, Jeff Yelton, BlueJeans’ cloud-native meetings platform is a natural fit for the growing UC and collaboration portfolio Ingram Micro wants to build. As demand for intelligent workplaces grows, Ingram is excited to extend their relationship with BlueJeans to include one-touch video, web, and audio conferencing.

Ingram Micro is just another of the many names in a growing list of partners that are helping BlueJeans to evolve. Currently, BlueJeans partners also include Polycom, Facebook, Kaptivo, Microsoft, and Voicera. Each new connection helps to create a more innovative unified communication experience across various enterprise endpoints. For instance, for Microsoft customers, the BlueJeans connection can help to make meetings even more intuitive with access to Microsoft Teams for one-touch meeting and native calendaring. BlueJeans even includes features like Microsoft Office 365 scheduling, for excellent time management.

A Powerful Future Based on Partnerships

BlueJeans also recently announced that a new channel industry executive would be joining the company as SVP. Barry Ruditsky has a history of almost 11 years in EMC, where he was responsible for indirect sales, including channel partners, resellers, and OEMs, within a global sales organisation. Recently, Ruditsky was also part of the executive team at Actiance, where he developed OEM and ISV relationships with IBM, as well as launching a global VAR program that helped to power a successful sale of the company to the K1 Investment Management group in 2017.

As part of the BlueJeans team, Ruditsky will be leading an international charge of partners and staff members to help accelerate the growth of the channel business. Barry noted in a recent press release that he believes BlueJeans has plenty of exciting market opportunities ahead as it continues to work alongside some of the best partners in the industry, including Dolby and Ingram Micro.

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