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over 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder


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To say that we’re in the midst of one of the most competitive business environments ever seen would be one of the greatest understatements of the year so far.

While record-high employment levels are great for the economy as a whole, the same cannot be said for those organisations with vacancies to be filled.

Indeed, we are in what the recruitment industry calls a ‘candidate-driven’ market – dwindling talent pools mean fewer people who are on the jobs market. Yet, while finding and attracting the top talent has become more challenging, it’s not impossible. It’s a case of getting the house in order.

Before you even consider advertising for your next role, you need to be clear on who you are, what you do, why you do it and what’s in it for any would-be new employee. This may seem obvious, but you’d be amazed at how little some organisations are aware of this.

Ask your current employees how they perceive the company – would they regard you as an employer of choice and if not, then why not? Why do they work there? Do they see their career progressing with you or elsewhere?

How engaged do they feel with the business and do they see how their role impacts the rest of the business? The responses you get will shape your recruitment marketing efforts.

Once you’ve got the messaging right, the focus needs to turn to the candidate experience. One of the biggest reasons why employers lose out on top talent is because their hiring process either has too many steps and hoops to jump through, or the process takes too long.

Candidates need to feel valued and wanted. But if the engagement they have is drawn out and convoluted, they’ll simply opt to look elsewhere.

Of all the frustrations that candidates report, it is the lack of contact that really irritates them. There is no room for complacency – even arrogance – in today’s ultra-competitive jobs market. Employers do not have the luxury to keep talent waiting around – there are more jobs than there are people to take them, which means the candidates have the strongest hand to play.

So, don’t lose sight of this. If you see someone who matches your requirements then act fast because if you don’t, someone else will.

Source: businessleader

Industry: Recruitment news

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