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Veritas and Pure Storage partner to enhance AI and ML

over 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Veritas and Pure Storage partner to enhance AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence

Veritas and Pure Storage announced Tuesday they're partnering to provide holistic data protection and management for Pure Storage's FlashArray and FlashBlade portfolios. The partnership will enable organizations to bring together workloads from different sources to get the most value out of that consolidated data.

Pure Storage's unique data hub architecture, powered by Pure Storage FlashBlade, unifies siloed data. Veritas' flagship NetBackup can protect an entire data hub architecture, and it can leverage FlashBlade as a backup target. Meanwhile, FlashArray customers can achieve more aggressive Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) as well as high-performance data protection with the Veritas NetBackup and Veritas CloudPoint integrations.

The partnership should make it easier for enterprises to apply AI and machine learning to larger, more diverse data sets, Bradley Tipps, director of Business Development and Technology Alliances at Veritas.

"It's not just backup and recovery -- that's fundamental," he said. "But using broader components of our solution, to bring visibility to the type of data -- how old it is, where it came from -- you can now build policies around that data set so you can determine how to best manage it."

In addition to helping customers get the moves business value out of their data, the partnership aims to help enterprises with meeting retention objectives as well as compliance mandates.

The two companies complement each other from both a technology and a strategic standpoint: Veritas is the biggest data protection vendor in the market with a large enterprise install base, while Pure Storage is primarily a storage play that's looking to move up market. The companies also have common channel partners like SHI that will be able to take the joint solution to market.

Source zdnet
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