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PGi Introduces GlobalMeet Webinar and GlobalMeet Webcast

over 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

PGi Introduces GlobalMeet Webinar and GlobalMeet Webcast

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PGi, the world's largest dedicated provider of collaboration solutions, has announced it has launched new and updated webinar and webcasting capabilities under the GlobalMeet brand name to help organizations of all sizes run online events efficiently. Offering high-quality broadcast audio and video streaming, GlobalMeet Webinar and GlobalMeet Webcast are competitively priced and make events easy to join and conduct while providing insights and analytics that measure success.

GlobalMeet Webinar is a scalable solution that streamlines webinar capabilities to meet the needs of predominantly small and midsize businesses wanting to deliver engaging events such as demand generation webinars, training sessions, continuing education broadcasts and more. GlobalMeet Webinar helps marketers and organizations deliver their message to up to 2,000 attendees via brandable, professional-quality web events without the need to spend time managing complicated software.  

Key benefits of GlobalMeet Webinar:

  • Produce HD broadcast video and audio webinars without allocating IT resources.
  • Allow the audience to engage with content during the event through interactive polling, chat, Q&A, and surveys.
  • Seamlessly integrate with key marketing automation and CRM systems.
  • Collect actionable insights to improve future events and prove ROI with robust reporting and analytics.

GlobalMeet Webcast, formerly branded as iMeetLive®, is the industry-leading standard for large streaming events that scales easily and provides the customizations, security, in-product functionality and global capabilities required for enterprise level events and highly produced corporate broadcasts. With self-service and fully managed options, GlobalMeet Webcast is a flexible, cloud-based tool used by FortuneTM 100 companies to deliver key messages to up to tens of thousands of employees and stakeholders.

Key benefits of GlobalMeet Webcast:

  • Schedule and host a streaming event or leverage PGi's professional event services team for your broadcast.
  • Equip webcasts with enhanced security features such as authorization by IP to ensure your content is delivered to your selected audience only.
  • Broadcast to an unlimited number of participants with high-bandwidth video streaming without impacting mission-critical networks.
  • Launch online testing and certifications immediately after the conclusion of an event. 

June McCarthy, EVP Marketing at PGi, said, "Executives, marketing teams and business leaders will be able to benefit from GlobalMeet Webinar and GlobalMeet Webcast for a host of use cases including lead generation, internal or external training, investor broadcasts and more. The streaming technology that our webinar and webcast products are delivered on is built to be feature-rich, flexible and easy-to-use for hosting secure, engaging and measurable events.  With self-service and fully managed options available, companies of all sizes can leverage GlobalMeet Webinar and GlobalMeet Webcast to deliver high-impact messages."  

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