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Virgin Atlantic Takes Off With Exponential-e

over 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Virgin Atlantic Takes Off With Exponential-e

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Exponential-e becomes a Network Guardian for flagship brand with deployment of new networking infrastructure to underpin digital transformation.

Exponential‐e, the British cloud and network provider, has today announced that it has secured a strategic partnership with Virgin Atlantic. Exponential-e will deliver and manage the airline’s infrastructure network across business critical locations around the world, thereby becoming one of Virgin Atlantic’s Network Guardians.

Network Guardianship provides Virgin Atlantic with networking, management, governance, security solutions and cloud connectivity. These enable the brand to deliver a uniform level of service to staff and customers around the globe. The infrastructure Exponential-e is implementing will serve as the backbone of Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holiday’s technological team which focus on utilising the very best technologies to continue an innovative-led approach to customer service delivery.

Jules Gascoigne, VP of Technology Services & Security at Virgin Atlantic said:

“I am delighted that we have been able to award Exponential-e work that covers Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays. Exponential-e have brought interesting ideas and a touch of personal service to our mix of partners – I am looking forward to working with them in the future”

Mukesh Bavisi, Managing Director at Exponential-e said:

"Our partnership with Virgin Atlantic is committed to providing technical and operational excellence over the next five years by delivering the right services, using the right technologies, and extending our successful partnership with Virgin Holidays to Virgin Atlantic. Virgin Atlantic, as a brand, embodies a way of doing business by putting customers first that we hugely admire. Therefore, it’s a real source of pride for us to be a Network Guardian and work alongside them to support their business."

Exponential-e was awarded the contract for three main reasons. Firstly, since 2012 it has had an extremely successful relationship with Virgin Holidays, giving Exponential-e an in-depth understanding of the Virgin culture and customer-centric mind-set. Secondly, Exponential-e’s proven reputation for technological innovation; thirdly Exponential-e’s proven reputation for responsiveness. Just like Virgin, Exponential-e places customers at the heart of its products and services, and has recently launched a real-time Net Promoter Score for display on its website. For Virgin Atlantic, this was critical, as customer-facing systems will be relying on the network infrastructure; as such, Virgin Atlantic needed to work with a proactive and solution-focused partner.

Lee Wade, CEO, Exponential-e said:

"Virgin Atlantic and Exponential-e have a shared focus on innovation, with a view to improving the customer experience. In an industry where there is little to differentiate one airline from the next other than price, Virgin’s ethos has been to pioneer new services and connect with consumers on a human level. A forward-looking approach to tech and a willingness to break the mould has enabled it to create an aviation empire. We’re delighted to be working with them as they integrate these two businesses and continue to strive to break the mould."

Source: exponential-e

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