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Dell EMC Launches PowerEdge MX

almost 6 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Dell EMC Launches PowerEdge MX

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The Dell EMC PowerEdge MX will be available globally beginning September 12, 2018.

Dell EMC has announced the availability of new Ready Solutions for AI, touted by the company as simplifying artificial intelligence (AI) environments and delivering deep insights.

The new offering boasts specialised designs for machine learning with Hadoop and deep learning with Nvidia, with Dell EMC saying that offering "ready" solutions means organisations no longer need to individually source and piece together their own.

"There's no doubt that AI is the future, and our customers are preparing for it now," Dell EMC senior vice president of Networking and Solutions Tom Burns said.

"Our goal is to lead the industry with the most powerful and fully integrated AI solutions. What we're announcing today allows customers at any scale to start seeing better business outcomes and positions them for AI's increasingly important role in the future."

The deep learning with Nvidia solution features Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd and C4140 servers with four Nvidia Tesla V100 SXM2 Tensor Core GPUs; Dell EMC Isilon F800 All-Flash Scale-out NAS storage for deep learning, which enables the analysis of large datasets concurrently; and Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science in combination with the Dell EMC Data Science Provisioning Portal to set up, provision, monitor, and manage the cluster.

While Dell EMC said machine learning with Hadoop features Dell EMC PowerEdge R640 and R740xd servers; Cloudera Data Science Workbench; Apache Spark; and Dell EMC Data Science Provisioning Engine, which the company said provides pre-configured containers allowing data scientists access to the Intel BigDL distributed deep learning library on the Spark framework.

Additionally, Dell EMC has also made consulting services available to help customers implement and operate the Ready Solution technologies and AI libraries.

As of Tuesday, the Dell EMC Ready Solutions are available in the United States, with availability in Brazil, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, the UK, Australia, China, India, and Japan expected to roll out within 60 days.

Source: zdnet

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