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Entry level machine learning jobs

about 10 years ago by Hannah Lawrence

Entry level machine learning jobs

Entry level machine learning jobs

There has been a increase in entry level machine learning jobs due to graduates studying it more at university.

Colt Technology Services have this week announced a significant expansion to its SDN enabled On Demand portfolio, with the introduction of new high bandwidth solutions options available for enterprise and service provider customers.

The latest enhancements will see the introduction of 100G ports in critical data centres, end-to-end connections up to 20Gbps and the number of data centres where customers can benefit from a real-time delivery increase to over 250 locations globally – resulting in a significant improvement to the overall On Demand customer experience.

As part of this expansion, Colt’s On Demand offering is now available in the United States, Hong Kong, Portugal & Austria in addition to the existing locations across Europe and Asia Pacific.

The On Demand expansion means that customers in these locations can now take full control over their network, flexing bandwidth up and down in near-real-time, bypassing legacy service delivery processes and lead times. Colt’s On Demand offering launched in Europe in 2017 and Asia Pacific in 2018, and now businesses across three continents can benefit from advanced network flexibility and agility accessible via a feature-rich self-service portal.

Peter Coppens, Vice President Product Portfolio, Colt Technology Services says: “For years, Colt has focused on creating a backbone that is purpose-built for the technological challenges of today. This latest expansion to our On Demand portfolio, sees the network now truly behave in an innovative way, with enterprises being able to access high bandwidth, on-demand solutions across multiple continents, that can be delivered in minutes and then flexed up or down in bandwidth as needed.

“We have known for some time that the demand for high bandwidth connectivity isn’t slowing down and we are confident that the latest expansion of our On Demand solutions can meet this demand and continue to enable enterprises’ digital transformations.”

The extension of Colt’s On Demand offering in the US marks a significant milestone for Colt in the region. Colt launched in the US in June 2018, with the expansion seeing the organisation connect 13 major telecoms and cloud hub citiesin the US and Canada, enabling multinational enterprises in the region to take advantage of the reach and density of the Colt IQ Network in both Europe and Asia.

source colt

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