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DCMS cyber security research finds nearly 50% of UK businesses have basic skills gap

over 4 years ago by Lucy Cinder

DCMS cyber security research finds nearly 50% of UK businesses have basic skills gap

Cyber Security

A new research from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) showed that high proportions of businesses in the UK do not have staff with the technical, incident response, and governance skills required for handling their cyber security.

The department commissioned Ipsos MORI, in association with Perspective Economics and Professor Steven Furnell from the University of Plymouth, to carry out the research into the UK cyber security labour market.

As per the findings of the research, nearly 653,000 businesses, at 48%, are estimated to have a basic skills gap.

It found that people in charge of cyber security in the businesses are not confident of performing the types of basic tasks listed in the government-endorsed Cyber Essentials scheme. Furthermore, they have not been getting support from external cyber security providers as well, found the report.

The most common of the skills gaps were found in creating configured firewalls, detecting and removing malware, and storing or transferring personal data.

Nearly 408,000 businesses, at 30%, have more advanced skills gaps, in areas like penetration testing, security architecture, and forensic analysis. The DCMS research found that when it comes to incident response, a quarter, at 27%, have a skills gap.

It has been found that three-fifths of cyber firms, at 62%, report recruiting staff who have, or are working towards, cyber security-related qualifications.

The DCMS research also showed that close to seven in 10 cyber sector businesses, at 68%, have tried to hire someone, who has been involved in a cyber role within the last three years. Such employers reported 35% of their vacancies have been difficult to fill.

The survey claimed that the UK cyber sector workforce is not diverse and on gender diversity, it is lagging behind other digital sectors. Just the 15% of the workforce in the cyber sector is female compared to 28% of the wider digital sector.

The DCMS research concluded: “This study has raised several new insights into the individuals working in and applying for cyber roles, the skills gaps and skills shortages that affect employers, and the challenges that organisations face when it comes to training and recruitment.”

source governmentcomputing

Industry: Cyber Security 

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