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TelcoSwitch Acquires Ziron for Strategic Growth

over 4 years ago by Lucy Cinder

TelcoSwitch Acquires Ziron for Strategic Growth

Unified Communications

TelcoSwitch, a leading wholesale provider of CCaaS and UCaaS services for companies in the UK, recently announced a new strategic acquisition. The company, which dedicates itself to delivering new ways for companies to connect and communicate, has successfully purchased Ziron. Ziron is a wholesale CPaaS organisation.

The purchase will bring a selection of exciting new skills and API-focused solutions to the portfolio of products already offered by TelcoSwitch. The acquisition is part of the company’s strategic plan to take unified communication to the next level, with hardware, software, and specialist services. Ziron will also be contributing new talent and experience to the TelcoSwitch management team.

Purchasing the CPaaS Company

The London-based CPaaS company, Ziron, was founded in 2011 and has gained a reputation over the years for delivering leading APIs for communications products. Ziron APIs cover things like subscriber intelligence, SMS, and voice technology. The solutions are delivered on a highly flexible basis without any commitment required. This allows for developers to quickly add telecommunication services into their applications without a huge initial expense, or a long-term contract.

According to the CEO of TelcoSwitch, Russell Lux, the decision to hire Ziron was a powerful one, as it will allow TelcoSwitch to deliver new revenue opportunities for comms and IT resellers. TelcoSwitch was a long-standing customer of Ziron themselves and had recognized various synergies with the company’s innovative range of messaging and voice products. The acquisition of the company will allow TelcoSwitch to move deeper into the emerging space of CPaaS technology.

Strategic Growth for TelcoSwitch

As well as helping TelcoSwitch to gain more footing in the CPaaS space, the Ziron acquisition will also help to accelerate the company’s international growth. Ziron already has various partnerships and experience in selling outside of the UK. Customers of Ziron include various virtual mobile operators and communication platform providers on the cloud and startups in the Fintech landscape.

Beyond the UK, Ziron also operates in a variety of different countries, including Ireland, Australia, North America, and New Zealand. The CEO of Ziron, Alex Kinch, (now CIO of TelcoSwitch) noted that the company is delighted to join the TelcoSwitch family, and support the company’s vision to transform the communications sector.

source uctoday

Industry: Unified Communications

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