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Mitel & AWS Team Up for Next-Gen Collaboration

over 4 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Mitel & AWS Team Up for Next-Gen Collaboration

Unified Communications

Mitel recently announced they are Amazon’s first customer to use its Chime software development kit. The kit enables developers to add real-time comms to several applications. Mitel using Amazon’s SDK could very well signify a deepening relationship between the two, as AWS already hosts Mitel’s CloudLink artistry and microservers. In a press release, Mitel said, during the process, they worked closely with AWS in hopes of meeting the requirements of over 70 million of its business users worldwide.

What does the updated partnership enable? For starters, AWS’ SDK extends the use of audio calling, video calling, as well as screen-sharing capabilities. In a company statement, Mary McDowell, President, and CEO, Mitel, said:

“Effective collaboration is more essential than ever given the increasingly global and dispersed nature of our working relationships. Piecemeal solutions fall short of enabling customers to work seamlessly across devices and applications”

“Together with AWS, Mitel is combining all the elements businesses need for a seamless collaboration experience. In working with an industry leader like AWS, we’re able to bring their resources and scale to bear in advancing our vision for helping businesses work smarter,” she added.

The AWS Effect

We’ve seen a rise across many industries, of customers increasing investments in their communication applications. Retailers, for instance, have added a two-way video into their customer service apps. The implications of such technology in healthcare could mean patients and physicians can now connect in real-time, and that distance is no longer an obstacle.

There are, however, some challenges surrounding enabling such rich capabilities. For starters, building these complex systems is time-consuming. Other factors such as specialised testing, along with high costs associated with keeping such systems up and running are also fair game.

In a statement, Mitel’s VP, Next Generation Products, Richard Tworek, shared, they saw working with AWS SDKs as a chance to bypass complex building blocks when looking to expand CloudLink’s functionalities. Tworek added, “We immediately saw how AWS building blocks like the Amazon Chime SDK simplify architectures and can help us innovate more quickly for our customers.”

With the use of Amazon’s new SDK, Mitel says they went from “Blanket design to field trials of new collaboration services in under nine months,” a process that might have previously taken years to complete.

There’s Value in Collaboration

A growing number of vendors realize the value of working together. If they want to enhance workflows and formerly complex problems, then collab is the way to go. This is clear from the wide range of partnership announcements we’ve witnessed toward the end of 2019. The fact that Mitel is an early-adopter of AWS’s technology puts them at a strategic advantage in the market, giving them a heads-up on the competition as well.

source uctoday

Industry: Unified Communications

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