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Cloudscene launches Google Cloud connectivity map

over 4 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Cloudscene launches Google Cloud connectivity map

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Cloudscene has introduced a new application to help enterprises find connectivity to Google Cloud from any data center or on-net building across the world.

The Cloud Pathfinder app is designed for enterprises that wish to instantly find service poviders that deliver connectivity to Google Cloud’s global nodes.

From a simple address search, the app will locate service providers that can deliver connectivity to Google Cloud from the selected location. Customers can then shortlist and reach out to the connectivity partners direct for a quotation.

“Google Cloud has chosen Cloudscene to support our strategy to bring the cloud one step closer to the enterprise. By enabling our customers with an app like Cloud Pathfinder, we’re empowering the enterprise in their cloud adoption journey,” says Google Cloud product manager Kerry Takenaka.

Cloudscene runs an independent market intelligence platform that hosts a database of data centers, service providers, network fabrics and cloud on-ramps. Integrated with the Cloud Pathfinder app, this provides enterprises with extensive connectivity options for both data centers and on-net buildings.

“Cloudscene’s Cloud Pathfinder app is the first phase of our wider procurement solution that will streamline the way the telecommunications industry communicates and transacts. Cloudscene’s goal is to revolutionize the way enterprises buy cloud and connectivity services and providing the industry with trusted data is critical to this strategy,” comments Cloudscene CEO Belle Lajoie.

Cloud Pathfinder’s data is derived from the connectivity information of 6,500+ service providers listed on Cloudscene. Service providers can directly manage and update their data, which ensures the ongoing accuracy of the information published across Cloudscene’s platform.

Cloudscene recommends that data center operators, service providers and network fabrics are therefore encouraged to claim and update their connectivity and facility data on Cloudscene.

Cloudscene also urges all service providers with connected buildings to reach out to discuss submitting a list of on-net locations (possible via spreadsheet, JSON file or API) to ensure that they are being found on Cloud Pathfinder.

“We’re delighted to be collaborating with Google Cloud to deliver a Google Cloud specific Pathfinder app powered by Cloudscene. This is yet another way Cloudscene’s platform is helping to remove the barriers to cloud adoption and improving the way enterprises procure cloud and connectivity services,” continues Lajoie.

In the next phase of the Cloud Pathfinder app, latency metrics, which will be provided by ThousandEyes, will be published within the results to assist enterprises in the shortlisting process.


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