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How to help your candidates ace a top-level interview

about 5 years ago by Hannah Lawrence

How to help your candidates ace a top-level interview

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It’s natural for a seasoned candidate in their chosen industry to want to move up the corporate ladder, however, interviews for these job roles can be much tougher and can require a great deal more planning and preparation.

Given this pressure, it’s easy to see why so many people fumble during the hiring process and fail to capture the attention of the recruiter. So, what can you do to advise a candidate to ensure that they don’t suffer the same fate? 

Recruitment Grapevine has compiled a list of some top tips below:

Plan, plan and plan some more

Some candidates are gifted with the confidence and strong oratory skills to be able to walk into an interview and command attention without planning a word. However, for the majority of candidates, it’s simply not that straight forward.

They must have impeccable organisational skills, so it’s wise to advise them to utilise these and meticulously note every detail they want to cover. Suggest carrying out some research into commonly asked questions and formulate answers. It’s an old phrase, but a good one – failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Fake it ‘till you make it

Nobody was born a business leader. It takes a painstaking amount of time to hone the skills required to even be considered for the role, and even then many prospective leaders suffer from ‘imposter syndrome’. Recruiters can advise potential employees to ‘fake it’. They have the skills, and confidence will come in time so tell them to stand tall, stay calm and perfect their confident handshake.

Make them remember you

Nobody wants a robot leading their company. Whilst a candidate’s work may be a pivotal point of attention in their life, their personality isn’t defined by it. Advise candidates to talk about their passions in life, including any impressive hobbies or skills. That way hiring managers will remember them out of a sea of applicants.

Source: recruitmentgrapevine

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