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Red Box exposes voice data black hole

about 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Red Box exposes voice data black hole

Unified communication news

Failure to plug the voice data black hole and join up leaky data with analytics engines is tantamount to ignoring the greatest possible value add opportunity, according to Red Box.

A survey by the company found that most businesses are capturing only partial voice data sets, while more than half of the data that is captured is locked away out of reach of AI and analytics.

"Fewer than half of organisation-wide conversations are being captured," stated Richard Stevenson, Red Box CEO.

“Today, voice is a critical data set. It holds much more value than any other means of communication because it conveys context, sentiment, intent, emotion and actions, providing real intelligence and driving valuable business outcomes. 

"The research shows how few organisation-wide voice conversations are being captured and how much of that data is inaccessible. This is a significant risk in terms of data silos and a missed opportunity.” 

Stevenson noted that recent advances in transcription, AI and ML make the value of voice data sets realisable, but just 8% of those surveyed say their voice data is easily accessible for processing by AI engines and analytics. 

Jon Arnold, Principal of analyst firm J Arnold & Associates, added: “Voice data is currently locked in a complex mix of cloud and on-premise telecom systems and disconnected from the services which can maximise its value. 

"Insight lives across an organisation and high quality and complete structured and unstructured voice data sets are crucial to enabling businesses to benefit from technological advances, such as Artificial Intelligence and sentiment analysis. These are the true value-add for today's enterprise.”

Source: commsdealer

Industry: Unified communication news

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