Navy 'Extremely' Confident HMS Queen Elizabeth Can Fend Off Cyber Attack

almost 3 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Navy 'Extremely' Confident HMS Queen Elizabeth Can Fend Off Cyber Attack

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A senior Royal Navy officer has said he is "extremely" confident HMS Queen Elizabeth and the cutting-edge F-35 stealth fighter jets are well protected from Russian hacking.

It follows recent accusations that Russia and its military intelligence unit, the GRU, had conducted a raft of cyber-attacks on targets around the world.

They included an alleged attempt to hack the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons which was investigating the Salisbury nerve agent attack.

Asked how confident he is the ship and jets are properly protected in light of the allegations made against Russia, the commander of the UK Carrier Strike Group, Commodore Mike Utley, said "extremely".

Cdre Utley added: "That does not mean we can be complacent, because we can't be complacent."

Cdre Utley, who took over as the commander of the UK Carrier Strike Group two-and-a-half weeks ago, said they are "absolutely focused in the cyberspace".

He revealed that an information warfare commander now operates within the carrier strike group alongside the traditional sections of anti-air, anti-submarine and anti-surface.

"It is not just about viruses and attacks, it is also about hybrid information warfare and the sort of shenanigans some nations are prepared to play," Cdre Utley added.

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