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European Cyber Security Challenge: Germany Wins, UK Takes Bronze

over 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

European Cyber Security Challenge: Germany Wins, UK Takes Bronze

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Team Germany has won this year’s European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) narrowly beating France in a hectic and competitive final.

This year’s final of the annual event took place at London’s Tobacco Dock on Tuesday, and was hosted by the Cyber Security Challenge UK.

The competition saw 17 teams from all over Europe coming together to test the skills of young cybersecurity enthusiasts.

Each team consists of ten members five juniors aged between 14-20 and five seniors aged 21-25. While each team is allowed “management”, the head coaches are restricted from assisting during the completion.

An array of tasks make up the challenges in the competition, with Capture the Flag (CTF) a large component of the event scoring.

CTF is a hacking competition where different teams of hackers compete to defend and attack networks and computers using specified software and techniques.

European Cyber Security Challenge: New Tests

This year’s competition also saw the addition of a challenge in which teams had to enter a locked room containing a bomb that needed to be defused. Points are awarded for six tasks in the physical challenge, with a bonus included if the team can pass all six.

The first obstacle that had to be overcome was a digital keypad on the front door.

Most teams breezed past this moving quickly into the room, where they had to pick the locks on tool boxes and the bomb itself. Some lost points because they missed a security alarm panel just inside the door hiding behind a coat.

The UK team had been in the lead entering into the second day of the completion, but the pressure from Germany and France never let off, with a vocal French team cheering every time they completed a task, adding more points to their total. In the end the UK team earned a respectable third place.

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