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Colt Data Centre Services Breaks Ground for 100MW Hyperscale Data Centre in Mumbai

about 4 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Colt Data Centre Services Breaks Ground for 100MW Hyperscale Data Centre in Mumbai

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Colt Data Centre Services (DCS) have this week marked its new 100MW hyperscale data centre in Mumbai at a ground-breaking ceremony. Powered by renewable energy, the facility will be one of the largest hyperscale data centres in India, complementing Colt DCS' dedicated commitment towards its international hyperscale offerings in 2020.

"India is going through an unprecedented growth in mobile internet and data consumption, and we have a unique opportunity to support this rapid digital transformation," said Niclas Sanfridsson, CEO, Colt DCS. "Data consumption is rising at an exponential rate, with many businesses and consumers demanding a reliable data and network infrastructure. Colt DCS will play a key role in offering services to deliver fast connectivity and on-demand services."

Supporting international enterprises scale up their businesses globally is a key focus for Colt DCS. The provider's hyperscale offerings are specifically designed to ensure secure and robust data and network support as businesses expand internationally. Colt DCS can help eliminate any concerns around connectivity, so companies can focus on what matters most – growth.

Through the new Mumbai data centre, Colt DCS will support various digital initiatives, such as Smart Cities and Digital India, driven by the Indian government. In recent years, the country has seen key industries such as financial services, e-commerce, telecom and manufacturing, experiencing rapid digital growth. India's speculated personal data protection bill is also expected to drive further demand for data storage capabilities, if passed through. Colt DCS is dedicated to providing a reliable data and network infrastructure to support the country and its growing data generation of consumers and digital businesses.

"In recent years, we are seeing more cloud service providers from around the world expanding into India, driving further demand for hyperscale data centres," said Sujeet Deshpande, Country Head in India at Colt DCS. "This is a very positive outlook for the Indian economy, and we are here to help both international and local businesses scale to their full potential. Our Mumbai facility is designed and built to the specification of hyperscalers worldwide, and our team of experts are experienced in working with global brands, but also have a solid understanding of the local market to provide the best of both worlds for our customers."

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