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CyberArk lauches new program to help customers reduce privilege-related risk

over 4 years ago by Lucy Cinder

CyberArk lauches new program to help customers reduce privilege-related risk

Cyber Security

CyberArk, the global leader in privileged access management, announced the CyberArk Blueprint for Privileged Access Management Success. The most comprehensive program of its kind, CyberArk Blueprint is designed to help customers take a future-proof, phased and measurable approach to reducing privilege-related risk.

Based on the experience of the CyberArk Labs, Red Team and incident response engagements, nearly every targeted attack follows a similar pattern of privileged credential compromise.

Those patterns influenced CyberArk Blueprint’s three guiding principles, which are foundational to the program: prevent credential theft; stop lateral and vertical movement; and limit privilege escalation and abuse.

The CyberArk Blueprint uses a simple, prescriptive approach based on these guiding principles to reduce risk across five stages of privileged access management maturity.

Customers adopting cloud, migrating to SaaS, leveraging DevOps and automating with RPA benefit from being able to prioritize quick wins, progressively address advanced use cases, and align security controls to digital transformation efforts across hybrid environments. For example:

  • Prevent credential theft: To mitigate internal and external risks, organizations must first prevent theft of critical credentials—such as IaaS admins, domain admins or API Keys—that could be used to conduct network takeover attacks or compromise key infrastructure accounts. By implementing session isolation, hard coded credential removal, and theft detection and blocking strategies, organizations can protect privileged access by humans, applications and across CI/CD pipelines.
  • Stop lateral and vertical movement: To stop threat actors from pivoting from non-trusted devices to high-value cloud consoles or domain controllers, this principle focuses on enforcing credential boundaries, just-in-time access and credential randomization to break the cyber attack chain.
  • Limit privilege escalation and abuse: To stop adversaries from abusing privileges and to reduce the overall attack surface, it’s important to implement strong least privilege controls, behavioral analytics and adaptive response.

CyberArk Blueprint offers templates and custom roadmap design sessions so organizations of all sizes, including those in both regulated and non-regulated industries, can progressively expand privileged access controls and strategy.

“Simple, yet comprehensive, CyberArk Blueprint offers vendor-neutral guidance that closely aligns privileged access management initiatives with potential risk reduction, helping organizations address their greatest liabilities as quickly as possible,” said Nir Gertner, chief security strategist, CyberArk.

“Regardless of an organization’s privileged access management maturity, CyberArk Blueprint enables organizations to future-proof new technology investments while improving security, reducing the attack surface and driving operational efficiencies.”

Industry: Cyber Security
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