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Google Contact Center AI Review

almost 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Google Contact Center AI Review

Artificial Intelligence

Customer experience is by far the most crucial consideration for any business these days. That means that organisations of all shapes and sizes are beginning to reconsider the way that they manage their conversations with clients in the contact centre. The modern contact centre is the bridge between today’s consumers and their favourite brands, and customers are demanding faster, more diverse solutions from companies – no matter how small.

Fortunately, access to the right technology can give businesses the power they need to upgrade the contact centre solution and empower agents. Artificial Intelligence in the current landscape isn’t there to steal the jobs of today’s agents. Instead, it provides the extra support that contact centre employees need to serve their customers with fruitful and contextual discussions.

Google, one of the leading providers of AI in the marketplace, announced the arrival of their own AI-enhanced contact centre solutions during Cloud Next in July 2018. Here’s what you can expect from a Google AI contact centre

Google Cloud Contact Center AI Features

The Contact Center AI offering revealed at Google Cloud Next gives companies a human-sounding agent which they can place at the front of their conversations with customers. The AI can use context and machine learning to attempt to solve consumer problems or pass the client onto a human agent if necessary.

Google’s Contact Center AI aims to combine the best of Google’s AI and machine learning solutions with popular software in the contact centre. The tech leader hopes that this solution will allow businesses to improve customer experiences and operational efficiency at the same time, leading to more intuitive and personalised opportunities for customer care. Features include:

  • Natural language understanding and speech capabilities that automate simple interactions with hand-offs to human agents when necessary
  • Intuitive first-caller experiences with requests that can be logged and analysed by the Google Dialogflow Enterprise technology
  • Automatic topic determination: The Contact Center AI in Google can understand topics based on conversation, helping customers to get the answers they want
  • Dialogflow access to create a rich interface for engaging and personal interactions
  • Phone Gateway which offers the opportunity to assign working phone numbers to virtual agents so you can start accepting calls in minutes
  • Knowledge connectors to help Dialogflow understand unstructured documents like knowledge base articles and FAQs to offer better assistance
  • Live agent assists via the Agent Assist AI, which provides the agents with information that’s relevant to the conversation during the discussion.
  • Sentiment analysis for better insights into the emotion behind common conversations.
  • Text-to-speech transcription to help today’s agents to better understand the needs of their customers in any situation.
  • Contact centre analytics to analyse historical audio and chat logs and allow companies to uncover insights into customer trends.
  • Speech context classes to help virtual agents better understand industry-specific terms and jargon throughout the contact centre.
  • Auto-speech adaptation which allows virtual agents to access context to improve their understanding of the words used in a discussion
  • Virtually endless streaming in cloud speech-to-text.

Google Cloud Contact Center AI Benefits

Designed on top of Google’s rich background in artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Contact Center AI solutions are intended to create smarter customer/brand interactions. With Google Contact Center AI, companies can better understand the needs of their target audience and deliver better resolutions to their problems at speed. Some of the biggest benefits of the service include:

  • Integrations with Contact Centre partners: The strong connections that Google has with its Contact Center AI partners means that you can easily integrate artificial intelligence into your offerings from existing contact centre companies like Mitel
  • Live agent support for faster customer care: With Contact Center AI, virtual agents can give human employees the support they need to answer crucial questions with knowledge base articles, FAQs, and more. This means that customer issues can be resolved more rapidly
  • Faster insights into customer needs: Access to machine learning in the contact centre ensures that businesses can uncover and understand popular customer questions, along with the various variations of those questions that may occur in conversations. This means that analysts can create the right responses to support customers
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: With access to Contact Center AI, businesses can improve customer satisfaction by giving them speedy answers and solutions that they need to solve problems rapidly
  • Higher employee engagement: Rather than just taking over the jobs of human agents, the Contact Center AI solutions from Google empower modern contact centre staff members to get more out of their jobs with easier access to crucial information
Target Market & Regional Availability

Google’s Contact Centre AI solutions are available around the globe through partnerships with a host of high-quality contact centre vendors. Currently, you can request to join the Contact Centre program on the Google website, to get access to the public beta.

The offering is designed to be simple and intuitive enough that any size of business can access more intelligent interactions with their customers. Through Contact Center AI, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish, no matter the size of your business.

How to Buy & Pricing

To purchase the Contact Center AI offering from Google, you’ll need to fill out a form on the Google website to discuss your specific needs with the Google Sales Team. You can also review your options to access artificial intelligence features from Google from any of the contact centre partners that currently connect with the Google Contact Center AI offering.

Finishing Thoughts

Since it was announced at Google Cloud Next in 2018, the promise of an AI-enhanced Contact Centre solution from Google has been an exciting prospect for businesses. Now that companies of all sizes need to make sure that they’re delivering immersive and intuitive experiences to their customers, the insights and support offered by artificial intelligence are incredibly valuable. Google’s Contact Center AI solution, combined with integrations with multiple high-level contact centre vendors, makes intelligent solutions available to businesses of all sizes.

What’s more, Google recently rolled out a range of updates to its Contact Center AI offering, designed to make the experience even more intelligent and intuitive for modern users. Now’s the perfect time to start getting involved with smart customer care.

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