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Exponential‐e strengthens positioning within G‐Cloud 11 Digital Marketplace

almost 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Exponential‐e strengthens positioning within G‐Cloud 11 Digital Marketplace

Cloud Computing

Exponential-e, the British Cloud and Network provider, have this week announced that it has secured a considerable number of additional positions within the G-Cloud 11 Digital Marketplace. These cover three categories: Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support. 

Exponential-e's Cloud Hosting services include Cloud platform or infrastructure services that can help buyers deploy, manage, and run software provision; further capabilities include the use of processing, storage, or networking resources. In the Cloud Software category, Exponential-e provides public sector organisations with applications accessed over the internet and hosted in the Cloud. With Cloud Support, Exponential-e offers support services that help public sector buyers establish and maintain their Cloud hosting or software services.

Following the launch of the G-Cloud framework in March 2012, G-Cloud 11 continues the tradition of previous iterations in providing innovative companies such as Exponential-e with a route into government IT contracts. The addition of these services will allow Exponential-e to further support government policy by future-proofing IT procurement across the entire public sector, ensuring bodies in the space can replace outdated technology and drive economic efficiency by partnering with nimble and forward-thinking partners. This is something which Exponential-e supports through G-Cloud via its public sector team, including specialists looking after the healthcare, charity, housing and education sectors among others. 

Afshin Attari, Director of Public Sector at Exponential-e, says:

"Our public sector work has grown substantially in recent years, based on our agile, operationally robust and value for money services which serve the public sector market as a whole. Crucially, this is supported by our wider emphasis on digital transformation, by offering solutions and services that can make a difference throughout the journey and lifespan of crucial information, from data storage through to the hands of end-users."

“Exponential-e is also an accredited HSCN Stage 2 Compliant CN-SP provider of services, along with having a substantial footprint on the ‘Once for London’ procurement framework. These accreditations, along with a wider footprint on G-Cloud 11, showcase our commitment to having the credibility in the public sector space, which has stringent regulations around those that can provide services. By empowering public sector entities to securely aggregate their infrastructure requirements, the result is not only new-found agility but also the ability to achieve significant cost savings with an unprecedented speed-to-market.”

source exponentiale

Industry: Telecommunications

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