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Avaya Extends Integration with Google Cloud

about 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Avaya Extends Integration with Google Cloud

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World leading communication and collaboration company, Avaya, recently announced that they’d be extending their collaboration strategy with Google Cloud.

The enhanced partnership will allow Avaya to take full advantage of the exceptional cloud capabilities and AI potential that Google offers. Together, both Avaya and Google will be able to give clients more opportunities to expand their customer experience solutions and achieve incredible business outcomes.

The latest announcement from Avaya outlines their decision to embed the machine learning technology of the Google cloud into their conversation services in the contact centre. Digital AI capabilities will be available to deliver more intelligent customer experiences, and the Google Cloud will also ensure increased efficiency and scalability for Avaya customers.

The upgrade will make deploying simple, yet intuitive solutions for collaboration and communication easier for Avaya clients.

Building on a Strong Partnership with Google

Avaya is just one of the companies in the Google Cloud partnership program that will be participating in an early-access strategy for the augmentation of next-gen contact centre. The campaign involves using a variety of Google Cloud Contact Center AI.

Avaya has also implemented Kubernetes technology to empower their solutions with containerisation and microservices. This will take Avaya beyond the basic hosting and virtualisation options offered by many vendors and allow them to embrace a cloud deployment strategy for users who want something beyond the one-size-fits-all implementation process.

Through the expanded Google cloud collaboration, Avaya is providing a range of clients with upgraded efficiency, flexibility and scalability for their contact centre needs.

Implementing the Google Cloud Platform

Avaya has also added the Google Cloud Platform as a deployment solution for their communication and collaboration portfolio. This provides cost benefits to end-users and gives them more choices about their cloud deployment options.

The Google integrations delivered by Avaya complement a range of other combinations that already exist between the two companies, including:

  • Google Mobile Services certification for the Avaya Vantage Desktop smartphones, which offer out-of-the-box Google experiences with pre-loaded apps
  • Google IoT cloud integrated with the Avaya OneCloud CPaaS solution. The CPaaS also natively supports speech services from Google, transcription, and storage for messaging across all applications and IoT devices. This allows for real-time event awareness with Avaya IoT services
  • Google Cloud Platform access natively integrated with the Avaya IX meetings-as-a-service option for collaboration.
  • Google Cloud Platform natively enhanced with the Avaya OneCloud system for unified communications and contact centre. Single-sign-on is also fully supported

Next-Level Solutions from Avaya

According to the President and Principal Analyst of McGee-Smith Analytics, Sheila McGee-Smith, the Avaya relationship with Google Cloud creates compelling new opportunities for Avaya customers. With new AI-driven contact centre experiences, Avaya users will be able to take their customer experience strategies to the next level.

The VP of developers, partners and alliances for Avaya, Eric Rossman, noted that the decision to accelerate the partnership with Google is a powerful step forward for the company. Avaya can now provide even more powerful solutions to organisations from a host of different backgrounds.

Source: uctoday

Industry: Unified communication news

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