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Hacker broke into most famous email service using Encryption

over 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Hacker broke into most famous email service using Encryption

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A group of hackers claimed that they hacked into email service ProtonMail and stole “significant” amounts of data. They have not yet released data about hacking, but put forward their demands to the company to repurchase the stolen information.

It is unknown whether the hacker alone or in a team of cyber criminals, however, in their statement said that they managed to steal “significant” amounts of company data which passed through the postal service. The user, who published the text with this information, also accused ProtonMail to send the decrypted user data on American servers.

“We offer to return the data ProtonMail for a small fee. If they refuse, we will publish or sell the data of users around the world”, — noted in the text.

Also in the text there are several claims to the security service. “Open source ProtonMail can be freely checked on Github, and everyone can see that they have not set a mandatory function of SRI; this allows you to rig and collect user data at any time”. The hacker added that the data collection in this case will be invisible to the server, because without the inclusion of SRI, all users should check the site code during the execution of the task.

They also accused that ProtonMail sends the decrypted user data on American servers. The hackers suggested that it may be associated with the Swiss Treaty on mutual legal assistance MLAT. “It was surprising to note, while not directly concerns the fact of hacking,” reads the text.

Hacking ProtonMail denies and says that they have no evidence that hackers have access to information about users. While in the service confirmed that they know about a limited number of compromised accounts that were compromised after you enter the credentials from phishing attacks. In the service believe that it is not a systemic problem.

“The criminals trying to extort money from ProtonMail, claiming that we are violating the confidentiality of the data, but they have no evidence. An internal investigation revealed two messages from criminals who again repeated the accusations, but we have no signs of violations,” added the company. They promised to seriously consider them if they have reliable information about the burglary.

source sivweek

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