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Volkswagen Trade Parts Specialists (TPS) Chooses G3 Comms For Cloud-Based Overhaul Of UK Centres

over 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Volkswagen Trade Parts Specialists (TPS) Chooses G3 Comms For Cloud-Based Overhaul Of UK Centres

Unified Communications

TPS, the Volkswagen Group company that supplies Genuine VW Group Parts including Audi, Skoda, Seat, VW passenger and commercial vehicles across the UK, has chosen unified communications and Contact Centre experts G3 Comms to undertake a UK wide upgrade of its communications infrastructure.

The 7 figure three-year deal gives TPS unprecedented visibility across its whole estate, allowing it to improve customer responsiveness, reduce call wastage, manage investment and increase overall service efficiency.

The project sees the overhaul of disparate systems implemented across its 82 Centres, providing company-wide interoperability for the first time. The new solution introduces unified communications functionality with the ability to collaborate across multiple channels and between sites. It also allows TPS to better understand how communications budgets are spent, as well as the ongoing productivity of each centre.

G3 Comms is deploying PureCloud from Genesys, the all-in-one contact centre solution hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Project delivery will include new local area networks in every location, each of which will link to G3 Comms’ resilient global MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) network providing TPS with two complementary forms of connectivity:

• SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking into the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to route calls to the relevant centre; and
• Private connection into the PureCloud instance on AWS

The latter option offers an assured quality of service that overcomes latency and packet loss issues often experienced across the public internet.

The first TPS Centres went live within eight weeks of project initiation, the speed of deployment aided by the choice of the PureCloud solution. Traditionally, customers have bought a stack of technology solutions from a variety of vendors. This typically led to interoperability and implementation problems. Because PureCloud was built from the ground up as a single application within AWS microservices, applications are available out of the box as micro services running working together seamlessly.

The system allows centre staff to better identify customers and their likely requirements, so calls can be routed to the most relevant salesperson using CRM integration. The service includes a wide range of functions such as: IVR, Bullseye routing, call recording, quality management, email, SMS, Fax and web chat along with speech analytics, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse, categorise and segment recorded calls.

The G3 Comms solution will provide TPS management with an array of critical operational insights in order to improve call structure, agent performance and customer experience. Real-time dashboards and wall boards at each site and at head office will display key performance indicators (KPIs) and other call-related metrics including:

• Calls per site per day
• Average speed to answer
• Hold time before initiation of ‘meaningful’ conversations
• Abandoned calls

“The eight-week timeframe, though very short, is in line with similar projects that we have delivered in the past,” said Tim North, Head of Contact Centre Practice at G3 Comms. “We are one of the few systems integrators who can deliver an end-to-end solution with a full managed service wrap that makes it quick and painless to deliver a comprehensive, cloud-based Unified Communications service.”

“Because we have our own network, customers like TPS don’t have to deal with multiple technology partners – we handle every aspect of the solution, from design and application selection through to implementation and integration, followed by ongoing management.”

Leanne Thomas, National Operations Manager at TPS, said: “From our first conversations with G3 Comms, it was clear that they understood what we wanted to achieve – better communications between our sites, improved overview of operations and, ultimately, a great experience for everyone who contacts us. Thanks to its fully integrated approach and delivery of functionality that will give us the insight we need to improve our operations, G3 Comms have proved the perfect partners.”

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