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Five reasons to apply to a job via a recruitment agency

over 5 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Five reasons to apply to a job via a recruitment agency

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Here are five benefits to applying for a job through a recruitment agency

1. Your CV won’t get lost in the black hole

Many of the larger firms receive high volumes of applicants, many unsuitable, so there is a good chance your CV won’t get reviewed and forwarded to the hiring manager or partner. Whilst you think you merely just have to wait for the call, it may never come. A recruitment agency can offer direct contact with the hiring managers and will push your application so you get an interview. We know where to send your CV and we chase things up, securing you the interview you want.

2. Your CV will be reviewed by the most relevant people

When you apply directly to an organisation – and are lucky enough to have your CV read – it is often the HR or recruitment team that review your CV and decide if you are called for interview. You are therefore at the mercy of these teams and you are hoping they are experts in your field and know what to look for, if not you won’t get a shot. Applying via a recruitment agent means we will talk to the hiring manager and get you in front of them based on your experience and having met with you. If you apply directly to the firm,  HR are simply basing their judgement on a piece of paper – your CV. We meet with you and help you to prepare your CV and extract all the relevant experience from you – it’s our specialism. You stand a much better chance of securing an interview in our hands.

3. Not all roles are understood by HR teams

Some firms are better than others at informing their HR team of the needs of the business. However many partners have their own favourite recruitment consultants they use and often these roles will never be known publicly. By using a recruitment agency that is a market specialist you will get access to jobs that are exclusive and not on the websites and portals.

4. Recruitment agencies provide the best preparation

When you apply directly and successfully get to interview stage, you will simply be given a time and date for an interview. You go into that interview relying on your own research and can often feel unprepared. By using an reputable agency, we will meet with you to brief you and tailor your CV to each role. Once we secure you an interview, we will brief you on the reason for the vacancy, who you will be meeting and the likely line of questions. We leave no stone unturned when we prepare you.

5. Salary comparison and negotiation

How do you know if the salary package is good in comparison to other roles in the market. Do you know the upper salary scale of the role you are interviewing for? By using a recruitment agency we will help you negotiate the best package and we can give you comparisons on the market and other interviews and firms to compare against. In isolation, anything can look good, but is it?

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