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Colt supports school literacy program Night Zookeeper

almost 6 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Colt supports school literacy program Night Zookeeper


Colt Technology Services has announced that it’s working with social enterprise Night Zookeeper, to provide grants to UK schools that are looking to benefit from digital education.

As part of this partnership Colt will support education specialists Night Zookeeper, who have developed a world-leading literacy platform that emphasises creativity and self-expression, all the while teaching children core English skills from the National Curriculum.

To support Night Zookeeper, Colt will sponsor annual licenses to the platform so that classrooms all across the UK can benefit from this digital learning asset.

“Using in the classroom and at home has repeatedly shown to have a high-impact on children’s English skills and wellbeing. We are delighted that Colt is supporting its adoption across UK schools,” said Paul Hutson, Education Director at Night Zookeeper and former London-based primary school teacher.

The sponsorship is part of Colt’s ongoing commitment to driving digital transformation through the use of agile, high bandwidth connectivity solutions. In this instance, Colt is bringing its connectivity mission to the classroom, striving to show how by connecting children to the right resources an immeasurable impact can be had on their future success.

As part of the sponsorship, Colt staff will also be giving up some of their time to interact with the students who are partaking in the program. This will involve leaving comments on students work and encouraging young writers to further develop their writing abilities.

Chief of Staff and Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for Colt Technology Services, Louisa Gregory said: “At Colt we fundamentally believe that by having the right connectivity it can change the trajectory of any organisation. So we were excited to hear about Night Zookeeper, and how we can apply what we do in a different but equally beneficial way.

“Through this partnership, not only will staff at Colt be able to engage and give back to the community, but Colt will assist with ensuring that barriers such as cost don’t exist when it comes to something as important as improving the literacy skills of children in the UK.”

Grants are now available for this coming academic year and you can apply for one by contacting Night Zookeeper, with schools from disadvantaged areas being able to apply to receive additional help.

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