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Avaya and Pixcom Deliver Enhanced Cloud Communications to SMEs

almost 6 years ago by Lucy Cinder

Avaya and Pixcom Deliver Enhanced Cloud Communications to SMEs

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Accelerating cloud communications for SMEs

Avaya, a global leader in the world of digital communications, recently announced that it would be working alongside Pixcom, a turnkey technology provider, to offer UC and contact centre solutions to SMEs in the UAE. Avaya will be combining their expertise in cloud deployments for UC&C with Pixcom’s knowledge of IP telephony and innovative systems to deliver new communication solutions through the cloud.

The service comes from the “Powered by Avaya” cloud offering, where Pixcom will market and sell UCaaS and CCaaS solutions to help smaller enterprises access the advantages that come with today’s digital applications. The unified communication and contact centre as a service offerings will be provided under fixed pay-per-month agreements, which allows businesses to expand their needs as necessary while minimising costs wherever possible. It’s a highly attractive business model for the current marketplace, as many organisations around the world are moving away from costly on-premises systems in exchange for the flexibility and scalability of the cloud.

A Service for Digital Transformation

According to the Director of Cloud and Midmarket solutions for Avaya in MEA, APAC & South Europe, Khalid Khan, the partnership will be ideal for businesses undergoing digital transformation (DX). As the marketplace continues to evolve, companies everywhere are changing the way they communicate, with tools that can simplify and enhance contact centre experiences. By partnering with Pixcom, Avaya hopes to save SMEs in the UAE as much time and money as possible.

The Avaya solutions that Pixcom are set to deliver will include video, voice, data, and web communication applications for teams on the go, and in the office. The cloud-based solutions also feature an open-architecture for broader interoperability and compatibility across a range of spaces. This means that companies can make their journey to the cloud at a pace that suits them.

Pixcom already provides Avaya on-premises services to customers in the UAE as a Diamond level Avaya partner, but they hope to take things up a notch with this new cloud service.

Making a move to the Cloud

Though there are still many companies managing their communication infrastructure on-premises, it’s safe to say that the cloud represents a powerful and flexible solution for many firms – particularly smaller enterprises. According to the CEO of Pixcom technologies, Shihas Kizhisseri, organisations throughout the world are searching for the digital tools they can use to get an edge over their competitors. In a press release, Shihas noted that Pixcom’s Powered by Avaya services will give them the flexibility to work with customers in designing a new cloud future.

Cloud technologies represent a powerful component in the move to digital communication tools in the UAE SME segment – which currently makes up about 90% of the registered businesses in the area. As the popularity of cloud continues to grow, Pixcom and Avaya’s partnership should provide a fantastic route for small to mid-sized enterprises.

Source: uctoday

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