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Telecommunications Jobs

over 10 years ago by Hannah Lawrence

Telecommunications Jobs

Telecommunications Jobs

With 5G rollout in Europe set to be fuelled by the evolution of industry 4.0 use cases, Europe’s enterprise telecoms sector is preparing for an exponential rise in da traffic across its mobile networks.

Orange Business Services’ chief technology officer, Phillipe Ensarguet, believes that data traffic will have increased ten-fold by the year 2025, with a huge portion of that growth being driven by demand in the enterprise sector.

“I think it will uncover a completely new set of business cases. By 2025 the amount of data being confused will have increased by ten times. We think that nearly 60 per cent of this increased data consumption will be driven by the enterprise market.

“That is very good news because it means that there is great value in the business and enterprise sector. Providing real time data, real time information and real time insight, linking with AI, is going to be very, very important indeed.

“What is going to be interesting with 5G is the ability to deliver much lower latency and much higher speeds, so you are able to multiply the use case where you can increase the data locally and expand the cloud model at the edge of the network,” he said.

5G represents a huge opportunity for companies like Orange Business Services who specialise in helping customers to digitise their businesses and work processes.

“We will start to see that by 2021 the first 5G services for the enterprise sector being really well established. Over the next two years, we will start to see the first enterprise grid services arriving.

“One of the first use cases that we will be pushing hard within Orange Business Services will be the slicing service. With the bandwidth that you have with 5G, you will be able to have differentiation class of services. It means that you are able to deliver a different level of SLAs regarding the connection you need. We really believe that this is going to be important. I love the 5G use cases because, at our heart, we are known as a telecoms operator but we are also an Information Systems integrator," he explained. 

Orange Group has had a huge presence at MWC 2019, and Orange Business Services has been an integral part of the Group’s offering at the show. For Ensarguet, MWC 2019 has been about preaching the 5G gospel to prospective clients and partners.  

“At MWC 2019 we want to showcase the three pillars that are central to us - 5G, IoT and AI. If you visit our booth you will see how important these three pillars are to us as a business. We want to show businesses that these three pillars are absolutely key to their business development and we firmly believe that they will play a crucial role in their future business success."

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