Talent Search Services

Each assignment begins with an initial briefing from the client during which the key parameters of the search are agreed and documented.  Having defined the key selection criteria with the client, our specialist recruiters will start researching those best qualified for the role; this will be done using DCL’s proprietary database combined with our recruiters’ specialist knowledge of both the market and the client. Our research will highlight a number of potential candidates who we will then approach in order to ascertain whether they are both qualified and interested in the role.

Once potential candidates have been identified, each will be assessed in detail using DCL’s tried-and-tested competency-based interviews.  Rigorous qualification is the critical part of any talent search; we have to be completely confident that the candidates we put forward not only match the key selection criteria but also fit into the company culture.  We therefore seek further candidate information including informal external views and proof of candidates’ academic qualifications.

Our clients are therefore presented with a small number of suitably-qualified high calibre personnel from which they make their decision.  In most instances, our client will choose their preferred candidate from the initial talent search. If required however, we will repeat the process in order to identify further candidates.  Once the right candidate has been chosen, we will continue to work with the client to check on performance and fit.  This continuing bond with both clients and candidates is the main reason why the majority of our assignments are repeat engagements.

If you would like more information on this service please email us at and one of our consultants will contact you.