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Comments Off on US Plans $1.5bn Cyber Security Spend

US Plans $1.5bn Cyber Security Spend

Posted by Admin | March 21, 2017 | IT Security

Trump gives Department of Homeland Security more for cyber security but US needs to upgrade government IT systems, says security adviser

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will spend $1.5 billion on cyber security out of the extra $2.8 billion granted in Donald Trump’s first budget. But the US government may be planning a long-term investment of $90 billion in IT systems.

The budget, called America First – A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again, also awards the Department of Defense $52 billion.

According to analysis from the US, much of the extra spending will go on aircraft, drones and missiles. The threatened Mexico wall has been granted an initial $2.6 billion, substantially more than the cyber security increase.

Tom Bossert, Trump’s adviser on homeland security, told last week’s Cyber Disrupt 2017 conference that “President Trump intends to put his money where his mouth is”.

According to specialist website Cyberscoop, Bossert estimated the eventual spending on upgrading the federal government’s networks at $90 billion. It would require “years of investment”, he said, according to the site.

“We cannot any longer defend indefensible networks,” he said, according to the site. “Federal networks at this point can no longer sustain themselves. We cannot tolerate indefensible technology, antiquated … hardware and software. Modernisation is absolutely critical. We will pursue that. You will see details in the coming weeks and months on how we will pursue that.”

Source: globaltelecomsbusiness

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